Wall Street Journal Gift Guide: 30 Toys That Keep Kids Entertained (featuring Hugimals)

Combining a classic stuffed animal and a weighted blanket, Hugimals offer double the comfort. These cuties are available in four fun animal shapes: Charlie the Puppy, Emory the Elephant, Sam the Sloth and Frankie the Cat. Each is packed with a 4.5-pound insert that provides some light pressure that “hugs you back,” but that insert is removable, making the body machine washable.

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Parents Magazine Best Toy Awards Winner! (For the 2nd year): Hugimals

“Whether or not they like to admit it, big kids still love stuffies—and Hugimals are no exception. These lovable weighted stuffed animals are designed to hug you back, lowering stress and creating a calm atmosphere. Each machine-washable animal has a removable weight pack and has been lauded by parents and teachers alike for regulating big emotions and helping with sleep.

And parents will concur that a toy that helps kids sleep more soundly is worth its weight in gold. Frankie the Cat is the newest addition to the gang, and your entire family will be smitten with her cuteness. “It’s cute, cuddly, and gives the best hugs,” one 10-year-old tester said.”

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