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Research supports the benefits of weighted Deep Touch Pressure

Deep Touch Pressure (DTP) can help you feel physically calmer and less anxious.
Deep Touch pressure provides therapeutic benefits including lowered anxiety and increased calm.
Source: Occupational Therapy in Mental Health

Deep Touch Pressure can ease anxiety in high-stress moments and situations.
DTP eases anxiety in one of the most stressful environments: the dentist!
Source: Journal of Medical and Biological Engineering

DTP can help with focus and concentration.
Weighted pressure increased on-task behavior in kids with attention difficulties.
Source: American Journal of Occupational Therapy

Sharing our healing hugs with those in need

Before we launched Hugimals World, we piloted Hugimals in children’s hospitals around the country to unanimously positive feedback from clinicians about how quickly Hugimals were able to comfort children and families navigating a challenging time. We're passionate about continuing to work with hospitals and nonprofits. Currently, Hugimals World's products are providing comfort to victims of crimes and to kids in foster care.

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