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What people are saying about Hugimals

"This is my new therapist."

Roxi, Age 11

"Holding one is such a relaxing feeling — like you're getting hugged."

Jodie, Columbus, OH

"Hugimals are a game-changer for kids with anxiety."

Wolf + Friends Community

"The plan was to give a Hugimal to my daughter on her birthday, but when my wife held it, she claimed it as hers and kept it."

Taylor, American Fork, UT 

"Love at first hug. The weight is excellently distributed throughout to provide maximum stress & tension relief. The calm little face makes him look like he’s ready to listen to all you have on your mind & then give you a hug to say it’s going to be okay."

Hugimals Customer

“Darby hangs out in my lap while I’m doing homework and helps keep me focused and less anxious.”

P.T., age 13, Chicago

“It was amazing to watch my son immediately cuddle with his Hugimal — totally different than the way he interacts with his other stuffed animals. And it was the key to a smooth transition to a few days away from us with his grandparents. These are something special.” 

Hugimals Customer

"It's perfect for when I'm trying to sleep but I have an anxious thought, or when I'm sad."

Wolf, age 10

"Hugimals make wonderful transitional objects that kids can bring from home to a new environment. And their neutral facial expressions are great for emotional support in a no-judgment zone. My daughter loves her Hugimal and sleeps better because of it.”

Erin O'Connor, EdD, Director of New York University’s Early Childhood Education Program

I am probably not the target demo but I am OBSESSED with my elephant Hugimal! 💖🐘🐘 It soothes me after my stressful days at work.” 

Hugimals Customer

"I love borrowing my son's hugimal when watching TV after a long day as I notice its immense calming effect on myself too (we ended up buying a second one for that reason). All the thumbs up for this product!”

Hugimals Customer

“Alexa has panic attacks when we fly but she had her elephant hugimal with her and she didn’t this time. She kept it on her or snuggled with it the whole flight. We are seriously obsessed with it.”

Mom of Alexa, 11

“Cannot say enough good things about Hugimals. TJ’s weighted puppy is already helping with big emotions and stress.”

Melissa, mom of TJ

“Weighted items can offer soothing tactile and/or proprioceptive sensory input to boost positive feelings and experiences. And Hugimals are adorable."

Katie Crosby, pediatric occupational therapist

“My daughter and sister love their Hugimals and I’ve been giving them as gifts. Brilliant product to reduce stress and help with sleep.”

Arianna Huffington, Founder and CEO of Thrive

"I’m almost 30 and one of my closest friends almost sent this to me as a gift, before I told her I already had one lol. It stands in for the hug that maybe you can’t give your friend right now but the Hugimal can.'


"Lovable! My 2 year old received Emory the elephant as a gift and loves her new ‘stuffty’. Very soft and huggable with great weight distribution.”

Hugimals Customer

"Cuddly and fun. This is an awesome weighted stuffed animal. It has become one of my son’s favorite lovies he carries it around with him all around the house and cuddles with it at night. It’s well made, I would recommend."

Hugimals Customer

"Best purchase ever! I bought Hugimals for my preschool classroom and they have helped kids sit through circle time, enjoy books, complete tasks, and bring calm during times of frustration. They have been a total game changer and a blessing."

Regina, preschool teacher, IL

Research supports the mind/body benefits of Hugimals' weighted pressure

Your Hugimal can help you feel physically calmer and less anxious.
Weighted pressure provides therapeutic benefits including lowered anxiety and increased calm.
Source: Occupational Therapy in Mental Health

Hugimals can ease anxiety in high-stress moments and situations.
Weighted pressure eases anxiety in one of the most stressful environments: the dentist!
Source: Journal of Medical and Biological Engineering

Hugimals can help with focus and concentration, making them excellent study buddies!
Weighted pressure increased on-task behavior in kids with attention difficulties.
Source: American Journal of Occupational Therapy

Sharing our healing hugs with those in need

Before we launched Hugimals, we partnered with the Toy Foundation to pilot them in children’s hospitals around the country. The unanimously positive feedback from staffers — and photos of smiling kids — confirmed Hugimals were “a hit!” with families navigating a challenging time. We're passionate about continuing to work with hospitals and nonprofits. Currently, Hugimals are also providing comfort to victims of crimes investigated by the FBI, and to children in foster care.

Here's what hospital staffers had to say:

"Stuffed animal + weighted blanket feel = great resource for comfort and reducing stress. On behalf of our patients and families, thank you! We absolutely adore Hugimals!"

Jessica, MS, CCLS, Child Life Zone Coordinator, Children's Hospital of San Antonio

"Hugimals are a hit! On several occasions, Hugimals de-escalated situations with some of our "code bear" kids, helping them feel calmer within minutes. Our clinical team wants to know: How can we order more?”

Jenny, Family Resources & Experience Manager, Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, Miami

"Hugimals are a fantastic source of both comfort and sensory support for our patients. Thank you for developing such a unique and much-needed resource for children, especially those coping with the healthcare experience."

Tiffany, BS, CCLS, Children’s of Mississippi

We’ve had kids that have benefited from them so much.”

Alyson, Certified Child Life Specialist, Hennepin Healthcare, Minneapolis

“The Hugimals have been so great! I had a patient recently who needed a little extra comfort and the weight of the Hugimal provided therapeutic touch that helped increase the patient’s coping.

Child Life Specialist, Le Bonheur Children's Hospital, Memphis

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