Charlie the Puppy

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Hi, I’m Charlie,

I’m warm-hearted, supportive, and easy to love. I can’t wait to cuddle and calm you when you need it most. Who doesn’t love the weight of a puppy dog on your lap?

Age 2+
Weight: Approximately 4.5 pounds

11” tall sitting
20” tall full length
8” wide (side to side)
6” thick (front to back)

Hugimals Benefits:
• HELPS KIDS & ADULTS FEEL CALM: Developed with doctors & therapists to lower stress and anxiety and increase calm in kids, teens, and adults through weighted Deep Touch Pressure.
• WEIGHTED ALL OVER TO HUG YOU BACK! Hugimals weigh a substantial 4.5 lbs each, and unlike most other weighted plush with weight clumped only in one area, Hugimals have their weight distributed evenly throughout their body, head, arms and legs, for the blissful feeling that they are hugging you back.
• EMOTIONAL SUPPORT TOOL: Hugimals' facial expressions are intentionally neutral to support you in feeling any emotion in a no-judgment zone.
• SENSORY BENEFITS: Weighted Deep Touch Pressure can help anxiety, stress and sleep. It can also help with focus, making Hugimals great study or work buddies. 
• SOFT AND LOVABLE: Extra-soft fabric provides a soothing tactile sensory experience.
• MACHINE WASHABLE EXTERIOR: Weighted with non-toxic glass beads sewn into a secure removable weighted insert, which allows for machine washing of the outer plush. 
• SELF-CARE FOR ALL: Hugimals are a fantastic source of both comfort & sensory support for kids, teens, adults and seniors. 
• THE GIFT THAT HUGS THEM WHEN YOU CAN'T: When you send a Hugimal to a loved one, it will deliver all the loving hugs you can't always be there to give.
• AWARD-WINNING HUGS: Hugimals have been recognized in TIME's Best Inventions, Good Housekeeping's Best Toys, Parents Magazine's Best Toys, People Magazine's Products Worth the Hype, the TODAY Show's She Made It "It List," and GLAMOUR'S Best Women-Owned Brands
• RECOMMENDED BY: Real Simple, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Elle, Travel & Leisure, Parade, Oprah Daily and many more.

Customer Reviews

Based on 860 reviews
Frankie and Charlie are in the house!

I have an anxious kiddo who has trouble falling asleep. Having extra hugs from Frankie has helped him tremendously—he’s more relaxed and bedtime has become easier. Little sister received Charlie, so she gets those cozy night-night snuggles, too. And this mama gets a little more peace in the evenings. Thank you!

Harer the adorable pig

Adorable gift for my daughter., well made, cuddly and perfect to snuggle with.

Shannon Turco
Emory and the rest

I have all of the hugimals except for the dog and cat. I love every one of them. I sleep so much better holding them too.

Megan Metcalf
Frankie the cat

My granddaughter absolutely loved Frankie the cat. Very well made, soft and has a great face!

My grandson loves this!

We received a koala and a sloth and let me tell you these are beautiful! Very durable too I might add. My grandson is rough with everything and these are holding up nicely. He has special needs too so the weight is a nice touch for calming him down. I’m hoping you guys come out with a cute unicorn for my twin granddaughters. I’ll probably be getting the new pig in the meantime. :)


I love her! Harper is my cozy friend. Yes, I know I am a little old for a stuffed animal, but she is different. She is precious!

Rachelle Lavigne-O’Neill
So very comforying

I bought Quinn the koala for my teenaged niece as she entered hospital for a prolonged stay. She is 18 going on 30, so I wondered if she’d use it. But she has a lot of anxiety and is going through a lot. I’ve received many selfies of her cuddling Quinn. She sleeps with him every night. Very well made, exquisitely soft and wonderfully weighted. Hands down the best plushy I’ve ever come across, and my niece agrees. Highly recommend.

Margie Bradford

I love’em!

Jackie Lang

Charlie the Puppy


Harper is soooo cute! I love her!

Your Hugimal's Benefits

HELPS KIDS AND ADULTS FEEL CALM: Developed with doctors and therapists to lower stress and anxiety and increase calm in kids, teens, or adults. 

SCIENCE-BACKED COMFORT: Your Hugimal’s Deep Touch Pressure (weighted pressure) is research-supported to stimulate a relaxation response from the parasympathetic nervous system, lowering the stress hormone cortisol and boosting production of “calming” neurotransmitters oxytocin and dopamine.

USING YOUR HUGIMAL: When you snuggle up with your Hugimal on your lap, or lay with it on your tummy or chest, it becomes your secret weapon against stress and anxiety, helping you feel safe, grounded, calm and secure. Use in moments of anxiety like transitions, travel, bedtime — or anytime you could use a calming hug.

FOCUS AND CONCENTRATION: Weighted pressure can help with focus, making Hugimals great study or work buddies when placed on a lap (like a weighted lap pad but way more adorable!). 

EMOTIONAL SUPPORT TOOL: Hugimals’ neutral expressions are specifically designed to allow you to feel any emotion in a judgment-free zone (no forced smiles here.)

SENSORY BENEFITS: Hugimals’ extra-soft fabric provides a soothing tactile sensory experience, and their calming colors are inspired by the natural colors of river stones.

SELF-CARE FOR ALL: Unanimously positive reviews from our children's hospital pilot program show that Hugimals are "a fantastic source of both comfort and sensory support" for children. Our Gen Z and Millennial fans use Hugimals for self-care, stress relief and to help with sleep. They make great gifts!

REMOVABLE WEIGHT: Your Hugimal is weighted with the same non-toxic glass beading used in many weighted blankets, sewn into secure sections within a removable weighted inner body for added safety.

WASHABLE! (AND WE DON’T MEAN SPOT-CLEAN ONLY): The weighted inner body is fully removable, allowing for easy washing of outer plush. We recommend washing the outer plush in a cold, gentle cycle. Best to wash in a laundry bag. Then hang dry.

BLISSFUL, FULL-BODY HUGS: With their weight distributed throughout their head, body and limbs, you feel the soothing sensation of your Hugimal “hugging” you back.