Choosing a Weighted Stuffed Animal: What Features to Look For For Stress Reduction and Better Sleep

Choosing a Weighted Stuffed Animal: What Features to Look For For Stress Reduction and Better Sleep

Choosing a Weighted Stuffed Animal: What Features to Look For For Stress Reduction and Better Sleep

With stressors coming at us from all directions, finding moments of peace and self-care is critical for our mental health. If you're looking for a unique and comforting way to relieve stress that doesn’t involve screens, Hugimals weighted stuffed animals are here for you.

These lovable plush companions are not your typical stuffed animals; they are designed to provide comfort and stress relief for both kids and adults, thanks to their innovative even weight distribution, which allows them to do something extraordinary: they actually hug you back!

Even Weight Distribution: A Game Changer for Calm

Hugimals are created on the foundation of deep touch pressure therapy, a method proven to alleviate stress and anxiety. It involves applying gentle, consistent pressure to the body, eliciting the release of feel-good neurotransmitters and reducing stress hormones. One way Hugimals stand out is their innovative design. While most weighted stuffed animals concentrate weight in a clump at the center, Hugimals have their weight distributed evenly throughout the body, head and limbs. This allows them to provide grounding, calming hugs, making you feel truly comforted.

Designed with Occupational Therapists and Psychologists for Ultimate Calming Features

Along with their even weight distribution, which mimics the sensation of being hugged, Hugimals have many other features that set them apart. 

  • Heavier Weight. Hugimals weigh 4.5 pounds. With input from occupational therapists, we made our weighted plush heavier than other products, which weigh just 2 and 3 pounds, to provide more calming sensory support for both children (age 2+) and adults.
  • Machine Washable! Unlike most plush and weighted plush, which is spot-clean only, Hugimals’ outer plush is machine washable! Simply remove the weighted insert and machine wash the outer plush when your Hugimal needs a bath.
  • Emotionally Supportive Facial expressions. Our sweet facial expressions are intentionally neutral. That’s because in our work with psychologists, we learned that a neutral expression helps support any emotion you or your child are feeling in a no judgment zone. When you’re not feeling like smiling, a big smile on looking back at you isn’t comforting, and can feel like a judgment on your feelings. Hugimals allow the user to see any supportive expression they hope to see! 
  • Calming colors. Our colors are inspired by the colors of river stones found in nature. We took care to create a calming product free of neon or jarring colors.
  • Lovable, minimal design. Hugimals are created in an adorable selection of animal characters with a design-forward look that doesn’t skew too juvenile. We pride ourselves on our superior design. We are even carried by the New York Museum of Modern Art Design Store!


Stress Relief and Better Sleep

Hugging a Hugimal is a powerful stress-relief strategy. It can help relax your nervous system, slow your heart rate, and reduce muscle tension. The deep touch pressure created by Hugimals provides a sense of security, helping you feel calm. Many customers have incorporated Hugimals into their bedtime routines, reporting that they are falling asleep faster and getting more restful sleep with their Hugimals! The physical and emotional support provided by Hugimals can help ease the mind into a peaceful slumber.


For All Ages

Who couldn’t use a hug right now? Hugimals are cozy companions for kids, tweens, teens and adults. We’ve won Good Housekeeping’s Best Toy Awards, Parents Best Toy Awards, and Fatherly’s Best Toy Awards, and Hugimals have also been recommended in press like Oprah, InStyle, Elle, Esquire and more as must-have self-care gifts for adults. Children find comfort in Hugimals during moments of stress, bedtime or separation anxiety. Adults use them to manage life's daily pressures, for extra comfort during stressful moments, when winding down at night, or to help manage the stress of life changes like a new job, a move, a loss, or travel and find that Hugimals are a “game changer” for their stress levels.

If you're seeking a simple yet powerful tool to help you navigate life's stressors and challenges, consider a Hugimal to help you find peace and calm in the midst of life's ups and downs.