Not just for kids - adults love them too!

Lovable weighted stuffed animals that hug you back to relieve stress and anxiety.

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Hugimals combine the calming benefits of a weighted blanket with the emotional support and portability of your favorite stuffed animal. They are weighted all over to mimic the feeling of a hug!

4.5lbs of caming Deep Touch Pressure

Research-supported to lower stress & anxiety

Helps you fall asleep faster

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"Worth the hype! Like a weighted blanket, these snuggly pals ease anxiety and promote sleep.”

"Who doesn’t need a hug sometimes? And that’s exactly what this adorable, cuddly 4.5-pound stuffed animal does—you snuggle it and it hugs you right back."

"This is not just another stuffed animal. This is a de-stressing solution to your anxieties."

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Sam the Sloth


Emory the Elephant


Charlie the Puppy


Frankie the Cat


Quinn the Koala


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The viral stress-relieving weighted plush that hugs you back.

The Hugimal Effect

So... what does it feel like to hug a Hugimal?


We have this exact elephant! I use it more than my kid does. 😂🥰

What does holding a Hugimal feel like? 🥺🤗 Try for yourself!

The Hugimal Effect

So... what does it feel like to hug a Hugimal?


We have this exact elephant! I use it more than my kid does. 😂🥰

What does holding a Hugimal feel like? 🥺🤗 Try for yourself!

Improved Sleep

Fall Asleep Faster

Hugimals help create a sense of security and relaxation, making it easier for you to unwind and enjoy a deep, rejuvenating sleep.

Stress & Anxiety Relief

Hugimals' weight stimulates a relaxation response from the parasympathetic nervous system, helping you feel comforted, grounded, and calm.

Machine Washable

Unlike most plush, which is spot-clean-only, Hugimals' patent-pending removable weighted insert allows for machine washing of their outer plush.

Full Body Weighted Hugs

4.5 lbs of calming weight is distributed evenly throughout, not just in the center, so when you cuddle up, you'll feel your Hugimal hugging you back.

Safe & Secure

Our weighted filling - made of the non-toxic glass beading found in many weighted blankets - is sewn into secure sections within their removable weighted insert.

Created with top psychologists, occupational therapists, & product designers.

Research-supported to help with stress relief and sleep.

Calming Deep-Touch Pressure

Hugimals harness the power of Deep Touch Pressure (DTP), a therapeutic technique known for its impact on stress relief. DTP involves gentle, weighted pressure on the body, triggering the release of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine, which can bring on feelings of calm, relaxation and well-being. Weighted pressure may also help with focus.

Emotional Support

Hugimals offer emotional support during stressful situations, when winding down at night, or anytime you need it. Their neutral facial expressions were designed with input from psychologists to create a safe, judgment-free space for you to share your feelings. Customers find Hugimals a calming, comforting presence when dealing with stress or anxiety, panic attacks, and grief.

Never Smothering

Weighted blankets make many people feel smothered, trapped, or too warm. Hugimals offer an alternative that lets you experience the soothing sensation of Deep Touch Pressure without the risk of overheating or feeling constricted. Hugimals' innovative design, with weight evenly distributed throughout their body, head, arms, and legs, ensures a comforting hug that doesn't leave you feeling stifled.


The emotional connection of a favorite stuffed animal with the calming benefits of a weighted blanket.

4.5 pounds of evenly distributed weight for a blissful "hugging you back" feeling.

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What Our Customers Say

"A hug can be one of the most reassuring and calming acts to soothe the human spirit. Sometimes, your favorite people aren't there to hug you, and having a Hugimal has become a tool for me to calm my nerves and my anxiety. Living with PTSD means I don't always know when a trigger might find its way into my day, and when I feel the anxiety creep in, my Hugimal genuinely feels reassuring and reminds me of the value of taking a moment just for myself."


Verified Buyer

"I never realized how much I needed a Hugimal until I purchased one. I’m an Angel mom, which means I grieve quite frequently for my sons and there’s just something about my Hugimals that soothes and calms me so much. Holding them brings me so much peace and comfort. The size and weight is perfect for cuddling and even sleeping with. It reminds me so much of the cuddle of a baby."

Shari B.

Verified Buyer

"I bought it in hopes of aiding in sleep, and the first night I slept with Frankie on my chest.. I slept like a baby!! I also have ADHD and hope to test it out on the focus and studying front, but for now - I am over the moon! Also, as a person with texture sensitivity, these are so soft and comforting - my dad even fell asleep for a nap on the couch when trying out Frankie on his chest! 10/10 .. these animals are so so comforting!"

Ali H.

Verified Buyer

Customer Reviews

Based on 710 reviews

Love it. It’s quite meditative for me.

Namrata Jain
Love Charlie

I was so tempted to buy several Hugimals but decided to start with Charlie the dog. He is adorable and the weight of him is so comforting. My 80 yr old mother held Charlie once and bought Emory the elephant for herself. :-)


Love, love ,love my Quinn Koala

April Harpole

This is a wonderful and well made product.
The company has great customer service with people that care.

Begona Quiroz

I love my hugimals, he is so soft and huggable, I am happy!!

Angela G.

My Sloth is so PRECIOUS!! Perfect size and weight! The shipping was super fast! Thank you again,Angela G.

Julie Exline

My Charlie hugimal is amazing I love it so much. He's a great stress reliever. Great product

Alissa Shellito

Feels like a small puppy on my chest when I’m sleeping. I love it so much. This has been a game changer for me sleep wise.

Lisa Porter Cordovana
Hugimals really hug

This was for my mother in law. She had a stroke and lives in assisted care. She would really like a baby to hold, but that’s not gonna happen unless there’s a star in the east. So…hugimals. She loves it. Loves the weight of it. She even sleeps with it. It was the perfect gift for her.

5 Stars

I gifted Charley the Puppy to my mother for comfort during her stay at the nursing home, and she truly enjoys holding him. It's a well-crafted gift. Thank you for creating such a meaningful product.